About Us

Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji College was established in June 1959; it was immediately after the inception of Marathwada University. This was first college in old Osmanabad district to start science faculty. Expensive science faculty was a great difficulty, but our venerable members were well determined to keep it going since the beginning. The college has been named after the great warrior of Maharashtra Chhatrapati Shivaji.

The college is participating in the task of imparting knowledge, skills and creates attitude and values among students. Apart from running graduate courses in Arts, Commerce and Science faculties, Shri Chhtrapati Shivaji College runs Post graduate courses in 10 subjects. These include M.A. in Marathi, Hindi, English, History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science; M. Sc. in Physics, Chemistry and M. Com. All these PG courses are on Self Funded basis since 1982. The college has maximum number of optional subject combinations at UG programe. Each providing flexibility and diversity to the learners such as 80 optional subject combinations for B.A. students, 10 optional subject combinations for B.Sc. Students and 06 optional papers for B. Com students with elective options. The college has introduced applied courses at UG level such as Electronics, Industrial Chemistry, Computer Science, B. Sc in IT and B.Sc. in Computer Science. The college offers 10 remedial courses 20 Bridge courses and various short term courses.

Research has been the central focus right from the inception of the college. The college has 04 recognized research centers having 12 research guides. 90 students for their Ph. D. degree and 43 M. Phil. degrees. The faculty has been active doing Major/Minor Research Project under UGC/DST. The college has a recognized Distance Learning Center of Yeshwantrao Chavan Open University, Nashik.


Comprehensive development through education


Spread of education in rural region, inculcation of values & overall personality development of students.


Making rural youth able to find out employment
Making rural youth responsible citizens
Availing necessary opportunities to outstanding students for brighter career prospects
Making available all sources within institutions limit for progression of Students


  • Inculcating humanity and patriotism among students
  • Promoting leadership qualities
  • Imprinting the importance of time and discipline in the minds of students
  • Instilling activeness and rationalism among students
  • Strengthening the attitude of selfless sacrifice
  • Ignition to talent and commitment to task