1. Our College provides instruction for classes XI and XII of Arts, Science, Commerce & MCVC as per the pattern laid down by the Government of Maharashtra.
  2. The Admission process for class XI begins when class X (S.S.C.) results are declared. Application forms are to be collected, duly filled and submitted in the College Office as per the time table decided by the Admissions Committee.
  3. A student seeking admission to the FYJC (class XI) of Arts and Commerce must have passed the Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education or any other examination recognized as its equivalent, with English as a compulsory subject.
  4. A student seeking admission to XI Science must have secured at least 40% marks in the Science subjects in the Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) examination.
  5. At the time of admission, the original School-Leaving Certificate signed by the Headmaster will have to be submitted. This original certificate would not be returned to the student unless the admission is cancelled.
  6. A student can be admitted only at the beginning of an academic year.
  7. Students must read all the notices put up on various notice-boards from time to time. They should apply for Government concessions & different scholarships promptly on reading about them in the notices put up. They must observe the procedure laid down & keep the deadlines stipulated. Ignorance of the notices put up is inexcusable.
  8. The final authority regarding the grant of admission or rejection to any class lies with the Principal.
  9. All rules and regulations of the College are compulsory & binding on students.


  1. Fees for the entire course are to be paid at the time of admission as per the details given in the schedule of fees notified on the notice board. A student once enrolled in the College must pay the fees for the entire year. If he leaves the College in the middle of the term or if his admission is cancelled, refund of the fees is given to the student as per the Govt. rules.


  1. The College grants concession in fees to poor and deserving students. Such concessions are granted only to those students who have passed in all the courses they had offered at the previous examination. Concessionin fees is normally granted for the entire academic year. However, a concession holder who fails in any of the courses, will forfeit the concession for the following term.Normally, concession is not awarded to the student who gets any other freeship or scholarship.
  2. Students of the College are eligible for the Government Scholarship and Freeship if they belong to the following categories :
    Student’s Scholarships : a) S.C. b) V.J.N.T. c) S.B.C. (Special Backward class) d) O.B.C. e) S.T.
  3. Student’s Concessions : a) E.B.C. b) P.T.C. (Primary Teacher’s ward) c) S.T.C. (Secondary or Higher Secondary Teacher’s ward) d) D.S.P.C. (Defence Service Personnel Concessions) e) Ex.S. (Ex-Serviceman’s Ward) f) F.E.G. (Free Education to Girls)
  4. Government Freeships are awarded for a period of one year only. A student holding such a Scholarship/Freeship must, therefore, apply fresh every year before the date specified by the Government or the College.

    In case, a student is not awarded Scholarship/Freeship, he must pay the entire College fees.

    The following scholarships are also available to deserving students :
    a. The Government of India National Scholarship awarded on the basis of merit at the S.S.C. (Std.X) Examination.
    b. Maharashtra State Open Merit Scholarship.
    c. Meritorious students are also awarded scholarships and prizes endowed by well-wishers and donors. Details are available with the Registrar in college office.

Grant of Term

  1. Every student should note that mere payment of fees does not entitle him to the grant of terms.
  2. Students must have attended a minimum of 75% of the lectures and practicals separately.
  3. He must attend all tutorials, periodical tests and his performance therein must be satisfactory.
  4. He must have cleared all College dues before his examination form is forwarded to the Higher Secondary Board.
  5. No change of subjects is allowed at S.Y.J.C. level without the Principal’s permission

Environmental Education

  • Environmental Education has been introduced from June 2006 for class XI and XII by H.S.C. Board as a compulsory subject. Completing all projects, field work, etc. and clearing examinations in the subject is compulsory for all students of the Junior College. If students fail to do so, they will be declared FAIL in class XI and XII examinations. It may please be noted that marks of class XII students in Environment Education have to be sent to the H.S.C. Board. These marks / grades are shown on the mark list of (XII) H.S.C. Board examination.
    Detailed information regarding projects, examinations, etc. in Environmental Education will be given in the class. Students should follow teachers’ instructions carefully.

    Project : 40 marks
    Theory Examination : 60 marks

Oral Examinations

  • Oral examinations are introduced in all language subjects at class XI and XII levels from June 2006. Taking oral examinations as per scheduled timetables is compulsory for all students. Absentees will have to appear for re-examinations only on payment of a fine fixed by the authorities.

    Theory : 80 marks
    Orals : 20 marks

Promotion from F.Y.J.C. to S.Y.J.C.

  • The results of the First Year Junior College (class XI) will not be decided on the marks obtained by a student only in the Annual examination. Equal weightage will be given to the performance of students in assignments, tutorial examinations, oral examinations, practical and project work (whichever is applicable), the Terminal examination and the Annual examination. The final results will be based on the average marks secured by a student in these examinations.
    In case, a student misses any examination for any reason (such as on medical ground), he must make a written application to the Supervisor or Vice-Principal (Jr. College) along with documentary evidence in proper time.
  • There shall be no re-examination in case of students who fail in class XI.
  • The students who pass the F.Y.J.C. (Std. XI) examination will be awarded the following Grades.
    Grade I (With Distinction) :
    To successful candidates who obtain not less than 75% marks in the aggregate, calculated on the basis of the six (in case of vocational   subject) or   seven subjects offered for the examination.
    Grade I :
    To successful candidates who obtain less than 75% but not less than 60% of marks in the aggregate calculated on the basis of the six (in case of vocational  subject) or seven subjects offered for the examination.
  • Grade II :
    To successful candidates who obtain not less than 45% marks but less than 60% of marks in the aggregate calculated on the  basis of the six (in case of vocational subject) or seven subjects offered   for the examination.
    Grade Pass :
    To all other Successful candidates.

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